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Our Story

Daisy Maisy GF Bakery is a certified Home Bakery located in San Marcos, CA. Using the simplest of ingredients without gluten and soy, I take the utmost pride in my baked goods. Sugar free/ super low carb flourless options available. I offer pick-up at my home location or delivery for catering orders $75+.


My family started down the gluten-free path back in 2007, when my daughter's doctor said it would heal her leaky gut and calm down her stimming behaviors. Back then, there were very few gf options on the food scene, outside of the pre-packaged cookies and snacks, and certainly very limited access to fresh-baked goods. 

When school events, holidays, and birthdays came around, I had to get crafty. That's where Sugar + Science melded together to make magic happen. I'd spent a good portion adulting as a Molecular & Cellular Biologist, Science Teacher, and Biotech Consumables Rep (yep, I LOVE science!). Having no fear of experimenting and concocting, I poured my love of science straight into my love for sweets, and voila...

Welcome to Daisy Maisy GF Bakery!

Now for the name... When my daughter was 7, we adopted "Mama Dog" from a local shelter. Mama Dog had been on death row twice and managed to Houdini her way out of that situation both times. The first time we met Mama Dog, she was a hot mess. She had just given birth to 7 puppies and looked like she returned from a really, really bad night of drinking (I'm talking "The Hangover" bad type of night). We were encouraged to take one of her puppies, but I looked at Mama Dog's defeated eyes and knew she was our girl. Turning to my daughter, I asked her what her new name should be- Daisy Sunflower. Daisy Sunflower worked its way into Daisy Maisy. 11 years later, Daisy Maisy is still hanging on with us in this wild adventure called life. And long after she crosses the rainbow bridge, her legacy will live on through our bakery.

Meet The Baker + The Baker's Daughter + The Inspiration

Daisy Maisy
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